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Martyr Major Rushikesh Ramani – Story of one of the warrior of Indian Army from Gujarat

Major Rushikesh Ramani: The Act he used performed in school became Reality, made by him. After passing from the 12th standard by 85 %, his door opened for many opportunities for his careers. So much that he never had to count. For a young boy from a Gujarati f

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Story of Major Nitin Mehta – Witness of 1971 India Pakistan War

Major Nitin Mehta: To gain guidance for joining Army, Wrote a letter to the Prime Minister. It is about that day of 1971 when Major Nitin Mehta sir was enjoying vacations with his family, suddenly heard about War of India Pakistan that came into news. Just lik

publish February 10, 2019 1010
Martyr Captain Vikram Batra – Story of the occupier of Mountain Kargil

Mountain Kargil peaked at 4875 feet has been named after Kargil’s warrior, Martyr Captain Vikram Batra. One of the peaks of Kargil has been found to be 5140 feet long. It will be an advantage for the Indian Army if captured, as this mountain is situated near

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